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DART - Multiple Projects

 SEI design and construction support responsibilities include: catenary, traction electrification, traction power substations, corrosion control, signaling/train control, fare collection, systems elements (duct banks and conduits), communications and central supervisory control.


DART/Northwest Line

SEI performed QA inspections for the Systems Elements on the Brian/Hawkins, SE-1, SE-2, NW-1, NW-1B and Tower 18 Cutover.


DART/Orange Line

SEI performed system integration activities for the Systems Elements: (Signals, OCS, Communications, and CCTV).


DART/LRV Facility

SEI performed integrated testing and inspections on LRV facilities that added 28 miles of rail and 19 stations to the DART Light Rail System.

This design-build project consists of an approximate 1.6-mile single at –grade, dedicated streetcar track extending from near Union Station in downtown Dallas to the Colorado Blvd and Beckley Avenue intersection in Oak Cliff. The work includes installing track across a 4,700 ft. long, 101 year-old bridge. This will be the first project in the United States to use wireless traction power utilizing an onboard stored energy system as the trains cross the historic bridge. Swayzer Engineering, Inc. (SEI) provided Project Management oversight and QA Inspections.


DART - Engineering Analysis ID/IQ

Swayzer Engineering, Inc. (SEI) performed Systems, Engineering and Integration analysis for DART Bus, Rail and Facility Operations. 

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