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DFW - Multiple Projects

Swayzer Engineering, Inc. (SEI) served as the commissioning manager on multiple Rehabilitate Airfield Lighting and Pavement projects.  The projects included the modernization of portions of the Taxiways and lighting control systems control systems at DFW Airport. All Taxiway edge lighting on Taxiways Y and Z were upgraded to LED fixtures, new power regulators were installed to replace aging existing equipment, and a new multimode fiber optic backbone was installed to support the replacement of the Airfield Lighting Control System, and installation/testing and training personnel of the new FAA required Airfield Lighting Control System.

SEI served as Commissioning (Cx) Manager providing Management oversight for the commissioning process, including development and review of the Commissioning Plan used during construction, 01810 specifications, Construction Checklist, Functional Testing, CAR Logs, As-built Reviews and Commissioning Service Report. Perimeter Taxiway w/ Airfield Lighting systems commissioned. Walnut Hill Traffic Light Installation.               

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